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Road Icing Safety Awareness Infographics

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No Vehicle is Immune - Graphic showing SUVs, 4WD, AWD vehicles losing control or wrecked on icy roads.

Hard-to-see Freezing Rain Ice on Bridge - Example of a freezing rain-coated icy bridge in Texas showing the impossibility of visually detecting the hazard.

Freezing Rain - A Killer on the Highway - Graphic showing some stats on freezing rain impacts along with images of actual accidents happening on roads iced from this type of precipitation.

Freezing Rain Bridge Icing - Graphic showing the near-impossibility of visually detecting bridge iced from freezing rain as a pickup truck crashes on the ice in an actual accident caught on camera.

It Doesn't Take Much Ice or Snow - An image showing an SUV losing control on a bridge iced from very light and partial coating of snow.

Icy Bridges: Clear to Hazardous in Inches - Image showing a bridge covered in snow while the rest of the roads are clear.

Icy Road Crash Statistics - Graphic showing FWHA statistics on crashes during icy road conditions.

Icy Road Risk Zones - Graphic showing the higher concentrations of fatal icy road crashes from two years of data, compared with tornado fatalities in some of the same locations.

Icy Roads during Clear Days - Image showing a road iced only from blowing snow on a clear-sunny day.

Educational Winter Driving Videos - Watch for Free:

Video: How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them)Video: Icy Bridges: Weather's underrated killerVideo: Deadliest Weather: Freezing Rain

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