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Links Updated November 2022: Most US states maintain web sites that list current road conditions. These sites allow you to check up on the roadways before you start your commute or your trip. Keep in mind that during winter weather, conditions can change rapidly from what is indicated. (Disclaimer: icyroadsafety.com is not responsible for nor affiliated with any of the sites linked below)

Click on the map or choose a state below to view road conditions:

* Denotes a state that does not have an official government-operated road conditions site. Link goes to a third-party maintained map that may not provide live information.

Educational Winter Driving Videos - Watch for Free:

Video: How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them)Video: Icy Bridges: Weather's underrated killerVideo: Deadliest Weather: Freezing Rain

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Average annual
deaths in the US
from icy roads

Average annual
injuries in the US
from icy roads

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