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My name is Dan Robinson, photojournalist and editor of icyroadsafety.com. As a freelance cameraman, I have spent many years documenting all types of dangerous weather across the country. If you asked me to name the worst type of weather I've seen, my answer may surprise you. It isn't tornadoes, hailstorms, floods, lightning storms or hurricanes (and I have experienced all of those in person many times). While those are all dangerous phenomena that deserve due respect, the lowly snowflake or frozen raindrop gets my vote for the most fearsome of weather's threats to people. In recent years, I have become heavily involved in covering and documenting this winter weather hazard. This web site is a culmination of the experience and information I have gathered through the course of my work.

You probably know to take shelter from an approaching tornado or to evacuate in advance of a hurricane, even though you may never experience one in your lifetime. But are you prepared for a weather hazard that is just as dangerous and far more common - one you will face again and again, every year? Ice on roadways and bridges is a threat to you, your family, your friends, coworkers and neighbors - anyone who gets into their car during the winter.

It's not a matter of if, but when, you'll come face-to-face with road icing. I can say that seeing the things I've seen first-hand has changed the way I drive in the winter. It is my hope and mission that this site will do the same for you, and that you'll be more aware of and prepared for this danger on the roadways.

As a storm chaser/photojournalist covering all types of extreme weather across the USA, I have seen my share of dangerous conditions. Out of all the phenomena I've witnessed and documented, it is road icing during the winter that have by far been the worst in terms of the danger presented to the average person. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and lightning are the 'stars' of TV documentaries and safety talks, but rarely does road icing get the same attention.

My involvement with the road icing story has become central to my news coverage efforts as a freelance cameraman, and through my job and this web site, I hope to increase awareness of the dangers of driving during winter precipitation. The mission of this site is to educate everyone of the threat presented by road icing, and hopefully by doing so encourage a change in driver behavior during winter weather that will reduce the incidence of crashes and their aftermath.

- Dan Robinson

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