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Icy Road Fatality Statistics
Snow and ice on roads kill more people than all other forms of severe weather combined.  Be Prepared!
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Report: Major winter storm in the Deep South, 1/28
I returned home Wednesday from another long trip to cover the January 28 winter storm in the South. Like the Texas event, this was a very high-impact, high-threat event due to the region of the country it was taking place in. The most significant impacts were in the Atlanta and Birmingham areas. As with the Texas trip, I learned more valuable details about southern US icy roads.
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Welcome to icyroadsafety.com. My name is Dan Robinson, storm chaser, photojournalist and editor of icyroadsafety.com. As a freelance cameraman, I have spent many years documenting all types of dangerous weather across the country. If you asked me to name the worst type of weather I've seen, my answer may surprise you.
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