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No vehicle can safely go highway speeds on icy roads
A common myth contributes to countless fatalities, injuries and damage during road icing conditions.

The road ice hazard defined: what it is, and isn't
The icing hazard isn't what might first come to mind.

The Top 7 Icy Road Myths
These are the most common myths about icy roads I see in various places, including forum discussions, media articles, video comments and more.

Winter tires: not the "silver bullet" solution for preventing icy crashes
A common belief is that winter tires are the 'silver bullet' solution to the road icing hazard.

For the media: TV cameraman/reporter safety
Tips for the media worker performing winter storm coverage.

Road ice risk zones: Plains, Midwest rank highest
Why the Midwest and Great Plains see the highest road ice fatalities.

Indications from road ice fatality statistics
Conclusions that can be drawn from accident data in the USA.

Big snowstorms are low-risk icy road events
High public awareness levels and plainly obvious conditions result in few accidents during large snowfall events.

Educational Winter Driving Videos - Watch for Free:

Video: How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them)Video: Icy Bridges: Weather's underrated killerVideo: Deadliest Weather: Freezing Rain

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Deaths in the US
from icy roads
2009-2010 winter
[ More Statistics ]

Deaths in the US
from icy roads
2008-2009 winter
[ More Statistics ]

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